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Saturday, August 19, 2006

VIOLATION: N. Nash St. and Lee Highway

Our next example of impropriety from an Arlington County parking enforcement official comes to you from the Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge.

This violation was actually pretty amusing because our law-breaking parking enforcement official tried to follow me after I captured her illegality on camera. At the very least, the time she wasted trying to follow me was time that wasn't used to either 1) break the law again, or 2) drive to Pot Belly in Ballston to hang out with her law-breaking co-workers.

Although it is somewhat difficult to tell in the pictures below, this parking enforcement official actually parked in a legal spot. The kicker is that she forgot to feed the meter while she walked down N. Nash St. to find her next victim. Oops!

The expired meter is clearly shown in the second picture below (I tried to capture both the truck and the expired meter in one shot, but it was too difficult to get a good shot of the meter from a distance).

Date: 8/18/2006
License Plate: 129-468L (VA)
Car Number: 6657


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