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Sunday, August 20, 2006

VIOLATION: Wilson Blvd. and N. Randolph St.

Our next willful parking violation by a member of the Arlington County Parking Enforcement Unit comes to us from Wilson Blvd., just west of N. Randolph St. The violation occurred right next to the CVS store that is connected to Ballston Mall.

As you can see in the picture the below, this parking official decided to leave his car running, unattended, and in the middle of the road in order to issue a parking ticket. Arlington County Parking Enforcement Unit: Safety First!

By my count, this parking official simultaneously violated three separate parking ordinances: 1) parking outside of a designated space ($40), 2) obstructing traffic ($40), and 3) leaving his vehicle unattended with the motor running ($40 and a potential towing charge of $72). Never let anyone say that Arlington County parking officials aren't good at multi-tasking!

And while I was unable to get a good shot of the official number of the vehicle in question, I have no doubt that I'll find our good friend ignoring parking laws again in the near future.

Date: 8/18/2006
License Plate: 108-948L (VA)
Car Number: n/a


  • I am so glad you are doing this. Keep up the great work! I will be ready to catch future abuses on my handy camera phone and will send them your way. - An Anonymous Arlington Resident.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:04 PM  

  • I guess you forgot to mention that the flashing light on the top of his car were on??? And the stickers on the back of his truck read.....this vehicle makes frequent stops. Lets get a real hobby. Your site really lacks a sense of purpose. And you....Anonymous Arl. Resident......go ahead and send the pictures to this lonely person. You both should hook up and not be so lonely....then you can do something better that put down some of the hardest working county employees, who by the way.....don't make nearly what they produce in revenue and vehicle movement that make Arlington what it is today.

    By Anonymous ACOPPER, at 8:39 PM  

  • Awww...that's a cute. An Arlington County official has taken the time to comment on our blog. We're honored.

    The "hardest working county employees" that you mention make up $45,011 a year to drive around and hand out parking tickets. How much do new teachers in Virginia make? $31,924 according to the Virginia Biennial Report on Public School Teacher Compensation.

    Cry me a river, and then get back to work pushing paper for Arlington County.

    By Anonymous Legal Parker, at 7:15 PM  

  • Acopper said it but I'll reinforce it. The vehicle is clearly marked with warnings that the vehicle may stop in traffic. Those signs are similar to rural mail carriers' vehicles. I guess according to your theories that those mail carriers should cease to deliver mail by stopping on roadways where there is no shoulder to deliver mail? And again, the driver of the vehicle is in sight and the vehicle is not "in the middle of the road" as you wrote. Finally, I take note of your comparisson of the ticket writer's salary to those of teachers. While I agree that teachers deserve more, I think you should check your sources. You listed the maximum salary of the parking enforcement officer vs. the minimum of a new teacher (and I think the salary you quoted for the teachers was wrong). You just prove time and time again that any facts can be turned to the reinforce nearly any argument. The parking officer did nothing wrong here. You are an idiot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:24 PM  

  • Ignore the above comment from that bitter county SLOTH no doubt slinging that mud while being paid by us the taxpayers.

    More power to you. Thanks for doing this. My county now charges me to park my own car in front of my own house. My state inspection expired at the end of Sept and I didn't realize it. But of course the parking enforcement nazis reminded me on 1 October with a $40 ticket -- instead of a warning to let me know the car needs to be inspected. 'Course not. It's about money, because our county government is DRUNK on our cash pouring in. Did you know that uniformed county employees get employer retirement contributions of over 20% of salary per year?? It's on the county website. And yet still they are angry and bitter. Amazing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:34 AM  

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