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Friday, September 01, 2006

Washington Post Profiles CSI: Arlington County

The Washington Post covered our website in print and online yesterday in a story entitled Blog Tags Illegally Parked County Vehicles (free registration may be required).

The most noteworthy aspect of the article to us is that county officials never refuted our assertion that they care more about collecting fines than finding solutions to the county's parking crunch. A spokesman for the Arlington County Police Department even admitted that illegal parking is not confined to the parking enforcement unit. All in all, not too shabby.

An excerpt:

The site was launched two weeks ago as a public exhibit, a means to display and poke fun at what Davis calls the "law-breaking, jack-booted thugs who . . . regularly break the traffic laws they are supposed to enforce."

"It was born out of frustration," said Davis, 25. "We've got such a ridiculous parking crunch here . . . and it seems the county cares more about getting fines than finding solutions."

Davis has posted several color photos of the ubiquitous white county vehicles, each parked illegally or left unattended. He has posted at least one photo a day since Aug. 18 and includes information such as the date and time of the incident and the vehicle's tag number.

Most of the photographs posted so far have been taken in the Ballston and Courthouse neighborhoods, where there has been a boom in construction and development in recent years. Davis's biggest gripe is that instead of creating more parking, the county puts its resources into ticketing those who cannot find a legal spot, he said.

And our favorite:

"When the [aides] are enforcing a parking regulation, there are times when they may double-park. However, when they do so, they are instructed to activate the amber warning lights on their vehicles to alert oncoming traffic," [Arlington County Police Department spokesman] Lisle said.

Arlington County Parking Enforcement Unit: We Have Flashing Lights, And We Are Authorized To Use Them!


  • To correct conjestion and parking problems just get rid of so many cars.There are too many cars and public transportation is the best solution to this problem !! With all the new construction it will only get worse.Arlington Co. is a great place to live and Walk!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:00 AM  

  • What about those of us who don't have the option of using public transportation to get to work? In my job, I need to have my car with me at all times. It's not a choice for some. Yes I believe they need to put more focus on public transportation, but the problems with the roads will not simply go away with better public transportation. We need better solutions for BOTH roads & public transportation.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:19 PM  

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